International Online Mediation Conference – 7th Leipzig Mediation Forum – The Steinbeis Days – with Allison Malkin

Jonathan Barth

International Workshop: Exploring culture in mediation – Where are we coming from and where are we going?

– with Allison Malkin on 23.06.2021

Culture is learned through our living environment and is subject to influence and change throughout our lives.  Our cultural backgrounds provide us with a sense of identity and belonging, and ultimately shape the lens’ through which we see the world.  Developing deeper self-awareness of our values, beliefs and perceptions; and investigating how these link to our environment, strengthen our ability as practitioners and serve to benefit parties to a mediation in myriad ways.

Mediating across cultures requires a varied toolkit, which recognises diversity and appreciates nuance.  Curiosity will be our guide as together, we:

  • explore where we are coming from as practitioners
  • introduce prevailing cultural theories and case examples from our mediation practice
  • consider ‘context’ as mediators working across cultures and borders
  • identify resources for use in our practice going forward



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